Flexible High Intensity Type 3 Reflective Sheeting

Flexible High Intensity Type 3 Reflective Sheeting
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Price $500.00

12" x 150' or 24" x 150' flexible version of our Nikkalite High Intensity Type III reflective tape. Plotter (vinyl cutter) friendly material. It is available in White, Yellow and Orange. It is very tough, bright and will stretch to conform to difficult surfaces. It has a high tack adhesive. While this tape is not a SOLAS certified tape it is going to be very similar in look and performance to the honey comb pattern SOLAS tapes you see on life boats and other offshore applications. 

This is the same type material found on brighter road signs, road barrels, traffic cones and barricades. Our Flexible High Intensity Type III tape is 3 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and exceeds all federal and state requirements for type 3 tape. High intensity glass beads are encapsulated in a honey comb design thus creating a much brighter retro reflective tape.  This material is flexible and stretchable it will conform better to complex curves than other reflective tapes. Can be used to mark everything that our standard high intensity tape will mark as well as objects that are flexible and/or contain complex curves. For example, standard high intensity tape will not conform to a motorcycle helmet whereas the flexible high intensity tape will. Also, this is one of only two tapes that will wrap around a snow pole or pencil without lifting.

To install simply peel the backing off the tape and apply to a clean surface. Press on with a clean cloth or squeegee. To enhance the stretchability of the tape simply heat with a hair dryer while applying.  For compound curves like on a helmet apply by pressing from the middle of the tape outward.

Prices are -

$500 for a 12" x 150 foot roll

$1000 for a 24" x 150 foot roll.